Friday, November 30, 2012

Last Day of Classes :(

     So today,  I attended my  last day of classes at the UAG.  I am very excited to be going  home and seeing all my friends and family but I think I cried enough today for a lifetime about leaving here.  I will definitely be retuning  to Guadalajara which has become like a second home to me.  I was thinking about coming back for some time next summer or even next spring break.  With all that being said , this experience has been wonderful and  I would live to continue traveling and definitely want to travel back here.
     So many things  happened these last two weeks. I went to the International Book Fair in Guadalajara. It is so amazing. They have books from all over the world, with some authors coming to present their work, as well as a lot of free concerts. I have went twice already and plan on going back tomorrow. I already bought six books, all in Spanish, that I am planning to read over the winter vacation. 
     As well as this, I have also went to an end of the year party that the university had for its students. It was really cool, we sang Christmas songs and ate tamales and got little gifts from the university.  We also took a class photo and I have been going to good bye parties this whole week. This week has definitely been very physically and emotionally exhausting for me with all of this but the say to smile because things have happened and don't cry because they are over and I have been blessed with this experience.
     With that being said, I will leave you all with the pictures of the park that I promised from before (sorry), as well as a lot of pictures that I have from all the friends that I have made here.

(I have pictures from the park, me saying goodbye to friends, a nail design that I -picked out for the party, and pictures from the concerts and International Book Fair.)

I hope you all enjoyed reading and I will see you all very soon.

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  1. I am so glad you had such a great time. I understand how you are feeling with the end of your time nearing. I miss London like nobody's business! You WILL go back; I am sure of it. A part of this place will always feel like home to you, which will get you back many times. Enjoy your last days, and we look forward to seeing you!